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How is the Coronavirus effects on our daily life?

How is the Coronavirus effects on our daily life?

Hello Readers,

It is quite one or two months we are not updating the website because of some reason but now we are live and make sure each and every day we are going to update this website. So, Check out each and every day for interesting articles. It is almost seven months to this pandemic and in this meantime, everything is changed nothing is like as we are in past. The way of meeting with people is changed, tours and travels, and almost everything is changed. The schools and colleges are still closed. And maybe it is going to open later this month or in the month of October with precautions.
As we people see that, the cases of COVID in India is increased day by day. It is almost going to touch the 1lakh per day mark according to the source (MOHFW & www.covid19india.org), that's very scary.  In this blog post, we are going to talk about how this pandemic changed our life properly. Read it out.

At first, we are going to talk about a study that how our study is going to happen in a pandemic or in upcoming days after schools and colleges are re-opened. The way we are learning and going to schools and colleges is totally changed. Nowadays many students is access online classes provided by colleges and schools. But the online classes are not as successful as that offline classes but somehow it is ok. And what we can do in this meantime. The idea behind it many students are living in the back area and villages where many network issues, electricity problems. So that they can't do their classes because due to network issues it continuously disconnecting from the meeting and many technology glitches as well. 

According to the survey, many students suggested that offline classes are better than in online classes (Source). The reason behind it that in offline classes students better connected with their teachers and they can easily understand and if they had a doubt they had a better option to clear them just now. And I agree with them because electricity and network issue is a big issue in the rural areas. In Assam and Bihar due to flooding many days people didn't get electricity. Then how online classes are possible? But in the meantime, we have to understand the situation and remain a stay at home and do their online kinds of stuff. 

As the government also works on this and many examinations test like JEE Mains, NEET is happening
in many states of India because it is a very necessary examination of the students. As the order from the government that schools and colleges may open from 21st September outside the containment zones and in the containment zone, it may be started from October. So these days we have to stay remain at home and do our online studies.

On coming to the other side the government removed restrictions from almost every area. Now businesses are running and many works are started but everything is changed in our previous working style and nowadays style. Many companies hold their 50% of employees to work from home and rest from the office with several safety rules. Employees wear a mask and kept hand sanitizers during office hours and talking. Almost every left area is going to open in the last week of September. And later this year COVID vaccine may arrive because almost many countries' vaccines are in the trial period. In India, the 3 vaccines trials are already in the third phase Now the time being Stay at home and Stay Safe. And do your work with every safety measure (Like wearing a face mask, wash your hand at a short interval of time and maintain at least 2 gaj duri in the outside.). 

Download the Aarogya Setu application that is a contact tracing app. It will help you to give alert and inform you if come in contact with any person having symptoms of COVID.  With the use of this app, you can Assess yourself. There are 15.63 Crore Indians are using Aarogya Setu App. Also available in 11 different languages. Check this out the link given down below. 

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