Top 4 Programming Languages to Learn In 2020

Top 4 Programming Languages to Learn In 2020

Have you ever imagine the world is becoming smarter day by day with the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain, etc. Many inventions and numerous technologies we come across day by day. And you think these technologies and inventions are based on the programming languages. That is why today I come with the  Top Programming Languages that you should learn in 2020.

Here are the Top Programming Languages that I have been covered in this blog.
  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. JavaScript
  4. C/C++

1. Python

Python is one of the most frequently used programming languages nowadays because it is easy to learn for beginners because of its readability and less code. It's an open-source that everyone can use this. 

Its main features are:-
  • It is an open-source programming language. and also free to use.
  • It comes with the extensive support modules and community development.
  • It has easy integration with web services.
  • User-friendly data structures and GUI based applications.
It is the most popular programming language for Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Data Science, and Deep learning applications. It is used to develop 2D and 3D animations. It is also used by many popular platforms like Quora, YouTube, and Instagram, etc. It is highly demandable programming in the world, Its developer got an average annual salary of USD 92,000.

Click here to download the python source code and installers.

2. Java

Java is one of the oldest and commonly used programming languages. It is owned by Oracle Corporation. The general-purpose programming language is known for its object-oriented structures that can be used Mac, Windows, etc. Because of its Write Once Read Anywhere capabilities (WORA).
It's recognized for its adaptability across several platforms from mainframe data centers to smartphones. It's is mainly used to build web and android applications. It's the second mostly liking programming language after Python.

Its main features are:-
  • It's free and opensource software.
  • It is a high-level programming language.
  • Java programs are a write-once run anywhere as mentioned above.
  • It is an Object-Oriented Programming Language (OOP), allowing you to define the data structure, create classes and functions. Objects created can be reused in other applications, which makes it much easier to write programs.
  • Java has powerful features like strong memory management, high performance, backward compatibility, and top-notch security.
It also has a vast community and gets lots of support. Although it's is the more complex language to learn. Java developer got an average annual salary of USD 94,000.

Click here to download Java Source code and installers.

3. JavaScript

Javascript is an object-oriented programming language that is mainly used to build websites and web applications. By using this you can add amazing animations and interactive effects to make your web page look more appealing to the viewer. Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the three core technologies of the www (world wide web). It is also used at the front end development of several popular websites like Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon. Also, It's used in popular web frameworks like AngularJS, Node.js, and React.JS.

Its main features are:-
  • It's is a very flexible language. It helps you to make an entire web application just with javascript using vanilla javascript for the front end and node.js for the back end.
  • It is a simple language to learn.
  • In the market, there is a very high demand for javascript developers.
  • There are many frameworks such as angular, react, etc. That allows you to make a webpage efficiently.
The approximate salary for a Javascript developer in this role is USD 72,500.

Click here to know more.

4. C / C++

C  is the oldest commonly used programming language, and it is the root of other programming languages such as C#, Java, and JavaScript. C++ is an enhanced version of C. Both languages are widely used in programming. Its developers can make use of compilers for a wide variety of platforms, for making applications developed in these languages largely transportable. Both languages are considered as high-performance languages.

Its main features are:-
  • It is remained in high demand due to high performance, reliability, and a variety of contexts.
  • Most used in game development, scripting, mobile applications, and many more.
  • It provides generic frameworks and libraries like Wx-Widgets, GTK++, boost, Qt, etc.
  • Microsoft Windows and google chrome are the two most well-known projects created with it.
  • Its level is C – Intermediate to Advanced and C++ – Beginner to Intermediate.
C / C++ is widely used in developing applications where performance is a critical issue, such as client/server applications, commercial products such as Firefox and Adobe, and video games, and many more applications. The approximate salary for this is nearly  USD 91,000 per year.

Click here to download its IDE. To know more about this programming language click here.

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